Tech-enabled alternative commercial lender. Providing non- dilutive financing and growth capital to companies rich in Intellectual Property and intangible assets.

Quantius Innovative Income Fund


Our Approach

The Quantius Innovation Income Fund seeks to generate uncorrelated, superior risk-adjusted returns by providing secured private credit to outperforming, IP-rich companies. 

Investment Thesis

Knowledge-based firms rich in IP  consistently deliver higher growth and revenue outperformance driving today’s economy.

Sectors include information technology, aerospace & defense, clean tech, advanced manufacturing, telecom, media, med-tech & digital health and advanced materials.

Even the best IP rich firms face funding sources due to inflexible bank lending limits and inability of lenders to assess borrowers’ future potential.

Our Edge

Quantius leverages its technology and operations expertise, credit management depth and proprietary best-in-class analytics platform to identify and lend to outperforming companies.

We assign collateral value to select often overlooked by other financiers intangible assets to increase loan security.

We actively monitor the value of our borrowers' IP and market for the underwritten assets.

Invest With Us

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