Tech-enabled alternative commercial lender. Providing non- dilutive financing and growth capital to companies rich in Intellectual Property and intangible assets.

Case Studies

An alternative lender 


Case Studies


A telecom company specializing in providing low-cost, fibre-equivalent internet to commercial clients across rural and remote areas in Canada was seeking $5M as capital base for new projects. Due to high build costs, the company had been unable to secure a long-term facility that catered to company’s needs. Quantius saw value in their revenue model, growth history and management team. We provided a financing solution across multiple tranches, secured by intellectual property and other assets. The company has used the funds towards a number of new projects and demonstrated high growth performance. 


A tech-enabled real estate brokerage approached Quantius to raise $2.5M for growth and expansion capital. The company had long-dated receivables and their primary lender, a U.S. bank, had only extended credit for 25% value of the A/R portfolio. On the basis of company’s strategy and sales performance, Quantius structured a loan facility backed by A/R and intellectual property portfolio. The company used the funds to significantly improve their technology platform and experience high sales growth.