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Communication matters. It's the bedrock of every successful relationship, business and otherwise. At Quantius, we believe that it's not only about communication and speaking openly, we are also pretty good listeners.

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september 2019: The Katy Perry Verdict: Music copyright laws need a tune up.

"US music copyright laws are [sic] out of tune in several ways. The recent multi-million-dollar jury verdict this summer against Katy Perry and Capitol Records illustrates a lack of harmony between music creation and the copyright law that is designed to ‘protect’ it." 


AUGUST 2019: How China will fundamentally change the global IP system.

"The Chinese have the people, money, plan, market size, and determination to change the global IP system fundamentally in the next 5 years. Those who do not agree are living in the past!"


july 2019: Agile Evaluation - The different stages of deal qualificatioN.

Between the many, yet necessary, steps between origination and qualification, borrowers find themselves anxiously lingering in the uncertain stages of due diligence for months before they learn the fate of their loan application – which, quite often, is a no. A key learning for Quantius has been that borrowers prefer fast disqualification with clear feedback on the drivers.

This allows the client company (i.e. the prospective borrower) to create tangible milestones and have a better understanding of expectations, and may be one reason why Quantius has invested in some companies with whom the relationship started well before the actual investment. So how do we accelerate the qualification process and try to make life easier for our already-stressed out clients? 

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JUNE 2019: Is Intellectual Property the Oil of the 21st Century?

"Famously in the late 1980s, Mark Getty coined the phrase that intellectual property was the oil of the 21st century. That is certainly true today as IP generates huge wealth and sets some developed economies way ahead of others.

The billionaires of the 21st century such as Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak have made their money from their IP. You only have to look at the Forbes list of top brands to see what that IP is worth and contributes to the economy. So why is IP so often overlooked in the UK?"



Funding growth-stage innovative companies rich in intellectual property and intangible assets is the bedrock of Quantius' mission. These days, a lot is being written and spoken about "all things IP", and it's hard to keep up with it all. That's why we're launching Insights on IP, with the goal of sharing with you 3 articles and/or publications of interest in this space.