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Our Vision

An alternative commercial lender


Our Vision 

Quantius is an alternative commercial lender that attributes value to both tangible and intangible assets of innovative companies. As a true believer in the power of human potential, innovation and creativity, Quantius works with North American enterprises whose leaders have a clear vision for the future and finances companies which are positioned for substantial growth. 

We provide secured, non-dilutive loans of $2 to $10 million to knowledge-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enable their growth. We strive to become a financial solutions provider of choice to outperforming, intellectual property rich companies in clean technology, medical devices, high tech, aerospace & defence and other knowledge based industries.

Quantius has an edge as we:

  • Leverage our proprietary best-in-class analytics platform (used by governments, regulators and capital markets) to identify companies whose commercial outperformance is driven by superior IP

  • Assign collateral value to select intangible assets in order to increase loan security

  • Actively monitor the value of and market for a borrower’s IP
  • The team combines decades of experience in building and operating technology solutions and companies, along with deep SME lending expertise

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